Wednesday, January 8th 2014
What to Pack for your Skiing Holiday – THE 10 ESSENTIALS

Are you thinking of going on a Snow holiday for the first time and not quite sure what to bring? I’ve got you covered!

There are 10 essential items to pack when you are going Skiing or Snowboarding. Why not print off this page and tick each item off when you are getting everything ready? : )

ALWAYS REMEMBER – If you are buying new clothes for the occasion, there are 2 things that should be on your mind.

  • Is it WARM?

If you keep this in mind, you will be sure to stay warm and dry for the whole holiday!

Top 10 Essentials for Snow Holidays:

  1. Ski Jacket – Ski Jackets should always be warm and waterproof. Have some fun with it and pick a jacket with bright and bold colours! When you are on the slopes, the brighter your gear the better. It also makes it easier to identify your family and friends when you are skiing/snowboarding.
  2. Salopettes & Leggings – Salopettes are thick, warm and waterproof trousers (yes, everything on this list will be warm and waterproof! :P ) Both men and women should wear a pair of leggings under their salopettes to keep extra warm.
  3. Hat, Scarf and Waterproof Gloves
  4. Long sleeve tops
  5. A Jumper (Hoodie)
  6. Ski Socks – These are extremely tick socks that usually go up to your knee. They must be worn when skiing to prevent the boots from rubbing off your feet and legs. (Trust me you don’t want to get a nasty blister!)
  7. Snow Boots – Waterproof Shoes are essential for when you are off the slopes. There is nothing worse than wet and cold feet! I have a pair of snow boots while Arua wears his hiking boots, and both are just as good!What to pack for skiing, skiing in europe
  8. Moisturizer – The cold winter breeze can be quite harsh on your skin so make sure to treat it to some pampering in the morning and evenings. I used tinted Moisturizer with SPF in it (I don’t recommend the tinted moisturizer for the men) : P
  9. Sun Cream – You would be surprised just how much sun you will get while skiing! I forgot to wear suncream on the first day and ended up coming back with little burnt cheeks (ouch!)
  10. Lip Balm – As mentioned in number 8, your skin can dry out from the coldness so be sure to keep a little lip balm in your pocket to prevent your lips from getting chapped.

So there you have it! Everything you need to pack for the perfect Snow Holiday! If you have any more questions about your trip send me a mail on Facebook HERE : )

Any more recommendations on what to pack for the perfect Snow Holiday? Leave a comment down below.


  • crystaldel

    When I lived in Korea everyone wanted me to go skiing, but I was terrified, because I had no idea what to bring. I wish I had your list because it would have made me felt more prepared…I had visions of me being stranded in the snow on a mountain frozen into popsicle form….and sun cream?! I would have been dead because I didn’t even think of that!