Thursday, December 5th 2013
Venice – Just like the movies!

You’ve seen millions of photos in magazines, you’ve read about it in stories, you’ve watched endless amounts of movies scenes, you know it so well you’d swear you’d been there before! Everyone has a very detailed image of what Venice looks like in their minds. Are you picturing it right now? The tiny streets, the Gondolas, the rivers, the food, the wine, a place where romance fills the air. Well guess what… That’s exactly it! There really is very little difference between the Venice in your dreams and Venice in reality. It is everything you ever imagined it to be! (*except for the extra thousand tourists that come along for the ride too!)

I’ve read plenty of blog posts about how ‘Venice is over rated’ or ‘its too expensive’ etc etc. The truth is, Venice is an experience. It is unlike anywhere else on this planet! YES it is expensive and YES it is a total tourist trap, but who cares?? It’s frikin VENICE!!! For once in your life you can engage in a totally lovey dovey/cheese-tastic trip with friends, partners, even by yourself if you like, and its totally acceptable – Your in VENICE, embrace it! Sometimes i’m convinced the whole city was made for the sole purpose of book writing and movie making.

It’s just a crazy city, full of crazy stuff that you would never do at home (Like paying 80 quid for a Gondola ride – but totally worth it when your in Venice!). You just have to be open to it. Try not to worry too much about the silly prices or the tourist traps, just enjoy it. All of it. Forget about your ‘morals’ for a little while ; ) The city is sinking at a rate much faster than they expected, so get it before it’s gone!

Have you ever been before? What did you think and what advice can you give to people who hope to visit in the future?

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  • Polly

    We were there last year and loved it! You’re right, sometimes you have to have a few euro in your pocket so that you can pay for the picture you have in your minds eye (ie: the movie). :)

    • jessicaGlynn

      You’ve got that right Polly ;) It is a magical place and well worth the extra few bob!

  • Kate

    Woah! It IS just like the movies!! Or maybe tomb raider? ;)

  • PurpleTravelKate

    Love the pics, (especially the first one) and agree, it is well worth visiting at least once and so glad i’ve done that!

    • jessicaGlynn

      Thank you Kate! :D Sorry I am only replying to your comment now. When did you visit? The city is so different in Winter and Summer! But it’s just as magical either way :)

      • PurpleTravelKate

        I was there in September, only once though – so I’ve no idea what it would be like in deepest darkest winter. I did the Gondola Ride and loved it! :)

      • PurpleTravelKate

        PS. we did a little post about some Venice secrets a while back if it’s of interest!

  • Daniel Viera

    Nice picts from Venice. I loved the city too, I find it exactly in the way I expected :) Feel free to have a look on my post about this wonderful city during carnival

    • jessicaGlynn

      Thank you Daniel! I love your post :) so many wonderful photos! It is making me want to go back to Venice :D It is definitely a magical city.