Sunday, January 27th 2013
Venice: Gondola Ride

Imagine yourself gliding through the canals of Venice, the sun beaming from the sky above, sipping on a glass of champagne. You can’t go to Venice and NOT go on a Gondola right? You know its true!
Unfortunately the Gondoliers are well aware of this and they will try to rob every penny in your pocket so you have to be careful.

Although the ‘Official Guide Price’ is 80 euro for 40 minutes it is near to impossible to find this price when visiting Venice. We managed to find a gondolier who offered us a 30 minute trip for 60 Euro – Jackpot!!… At least I thought it was…
As soon as we got out onto the river our Gondolier tried to change it to 80 euro! Although it is tempting to turn around and push him into the river for trying to change the price, Its better if you remain calm and refuse to pay the 80 euro ;) They’re not going to tell you to get out and swim back to shore, so just show them that they wont be able to catch you out!
*Moral of the story is – Make sure you make it clear exactly how long you want to be on the Gondola and exactly how much you are willing to pay!

Nonetheless, the gondola ride was easily one of the highlights of our trip toVenice! It really is one of the most romantic things I have ever done – there is nothing like cuddling into someone as you sail beside the Rialto Bridge.. but your just going to have to try it for yourself to believe me :-)

I found that the 30 minute trip was the perfect amount of time to enjoy it, take some beautiful photographs and say ‘I’ve been on a Gondola!!’. Overall it is a very relaxing experience, so sit back and enjoy the views as your guide tells you a little about the buildings around you!

You should always take the weather into consideration. We went in January, so it was very very cold! we were extremely lucky that it was a beautifully sunny afternoon, but you should wrap up very warm at this time of year. Some gondoliers will even provide a blanket for extra heat in the winter months. When possible I would not advise you to pay for a gondola if it is raining. Gondolas were made to be enjoyed in the sunshine!

Unlike Dublin, you are allowed to drink on the streets in Venice, so why not grab a bottle of wine or champagne for your Gondola ride? :-) Make it a celebration with friends or a loved one – After all you’re in VENICE!!177783_10152459451920298_1480955853_o