Monday, May 27th 2013

Written by The Gap Year Guru’s newest Blogger Arua Tupinambas :-) 

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions” – Albert Einstein

In my first blog post I’m writing about one of the most fantastic experiences I’ve ever had, PicsArt_1369690837291traveling on my own. There’s something magical about it, nobody can describe! If you ask somebody about a trip they’ve done alone i’m pretty sure, the answer will always be: I CAN’T DESCRIBE how good it was, you’ll  have to go and see for yourself!

Before I came back to Brazil, I decided to travel  around Europe for a few weeks, backpacking without my faithful travel partner and girlfriend, Jess. I don’t regret my decision to travel  on my own, for one reason… Its not every day a Brazilian guy has the opportunity to live in Europe.  If you ever get the chance to travel to Europe, I highly recommend that you forget the fear (we don’t need that, unless a dog is running to bite your butt) and do it, after all, we never know when we’re gonna have the chance again.

The best thing about travelling on your own is definitely the self knowledge you gain from your experiences.  You’re completely responsible for your own mistakes,  and it could be the first time you ever have to take care of yourself, with nobody you know close by to help.  You also  have to think a little bit more about your actions  before you do something crazy, as there is nobody there to have your back.  I’ve been living away from my parents since I was seventeen but that was for sure, the first time I was completely on my own.

Spending  time doing things by yourself in a different country, changes your mind. You do whatever you want , and go wherever you want, whenever you want, which makes your trip easier and more pleasurable. Ironically enough you’ll never be alone, you always find somebody in the same situation, which is a very good way to make new friends.

Taking in different cultures, eating different food and seeing people with different lifestyles respecting each other, makes you realize how tiny we really are and how wonderful our differences can be.  I’ve grown as a person respecting the differences and understanding that diversity makes the world around. I particularly hate society robots and the best way to get out to the system (even for a little while) is traveling.

Although the paragraphs above show the bright side of traveling alone, the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. I did find a few disadvantages during my time, passing through a few awkward situations that probably wouldn’t have happened with somebody by my side. The language could be a problem, every country I go to I try to speak a little bit of their language, simple words like: *Please, thank you and for me the most important one, How do I get to *insert destination here*… Doing that, always with a big smile on your face, I guarantee you’ll be very well treated anywhere on the globe! Another problem is when you feel the need of sharing – do you know when you’re watching TV and you find something very funny and you call the person next to you to have a laugh with you, the same happens when you see something absolute beautiful, you just want somebody to share that with.

But aside from that, getting yourself on the road on your own is something you should do at some point of your life –  unless you have a perfect partner who likes the same things just like I do. I’ve just found my perfect partner after packing my things and moving to Ireland. So my tip is: Be brave and do something different; get on the road!!!


On the next few posts I’m gonna write about each country I’ve been to, the awkward and funniest situations ive had while traveling on my own and with my faithful travel partner : D

Be polite in Italy:
Please = Per favore;

Thank you = Grazie;

You’re welcome = Prego;

Been polite in Germany, Austria, Switzerland:

Thank you = Danke;

You’re welcome = Gern geschehen;

How do I get = Wie bekomme ich;

Now have a good trip and don’t forget to bring the smile wherever you go!


  • Jandui

    Aruã, muito bacana. Apesar do tema ser viagens pelo mundo, você viajou dentro da própria alma no texto.



  • devonheckard

    I can completely relate to this post man; traveling on your own is huge and gives you a massive confidence boost that you couldn’t attain from anything else. I’m Canadian and I backpacked Europe for 2 and a half months by myself and I had the ultimate time of my life. You’re never alone and it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

  • Guanaíra

    Beautiful! This family is full of good writers even in English!