Sunday, January 3rd 2016
Top Instagram Photographers to follow in 2016 if you want to explore Ireland

With the new year in full swing, I took to Instagram to top up on some travel inspiration to kick start my Irish Bucket List! Without further a-do, here are my top 10 Instagrammers to follow in 2016 if you want to do some exploring in this little green land.


Ramona is easily one of the sweetest and most talented Photographers I know. I had the pleasure of meeting her at one of my Instagram meetups and I instantly fell in love with her unique style of photography. Originally from Romania, I feel like Ramona brings a fresh pair of eyes to Dublin and always captures this city so perfectly!
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2. @PictureThisDublin

Founded by the wonderful Timi Ogunyemi, @PictureThisDublin has been one of my favourite accounts from the start! Timi has started to hand over the Instagram account to different people each week, which means that you get to see a different perspective of Dublin time and time again. Timi and the gang showcase the best of Dublin City and will definitely make you want to #EnjoyYourCity.

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3. @Arua.travels

WARNING: His photos will make you want to pack your bags & hit the road! The Brazilian half of The Gap Year Guru has been working hard on his Instagram missions lately! Arua moved to Ireland in 2012 and hasn’t stopped exploring since. Want to get an insight into Paddy’s Day in Dublin? Get a glimpse of sunrises over the River Liffey? Christmas lights on Grafton Street? Then you need to follow @Arua.Travels!

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4. @InstameetIreland

Want to meet up with other Instagrammers in Ireland? Follow these guys to find out when the next Instameet is! Every meetup has a different theme, in a different location – guaranteed fun will be had (and you will make loads of new friends too – jackpot!)

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5. @David.Leng

Simplicity is the key to brilliance, and @David.Leng is a perfect example of this! He captures the little details of life in Ireland so beautifully and his captions always put a smile on my face too (e.g – life’s like a hike. The most risk you take, the better the view you get.)

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6. @Antppe

There is something really magical about this account. Every time he uploads a photo, I instantly want to grab my camera and go on an adventure! The colours, the editing, everything is so captivating. But beware, once you start scrolling through his account, you might not be able to stop!

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7. @KevinAnda
Originally from Indonesia, Kevin takes us on a visual adventure through the cities and countryside of Ireland with his Instagram account. If you are looking for some serious roadtrip inspiration, you’ve got to check him out!

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8. @FrenchFoodieInDublin

If it’s food you’re interested in, then the award winning @FrenchFoodieInDublin is the one for you. Showcasing all of the delicious-ness that Ireland has to offer, prepare to start drooling!

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9. @DublinDaily

If you’re looking for someone who truly captures the essence of Dublin, you need to follow the unique account that is @DublinDaily. His signature style will draw you in as you discover the people and places that make Dublin the city we know and love today!

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10. @The_GapYear_Guru

Ok, ok I couldn’t help myself! I had to include my own Instagram too! As you probably already know, I am an Irish Photographer and I am ALWAYS on an Instagram mission, looking for a pop of colour in the beautiful surroundings of Dublin. Go on, give me a follow too!

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Give these awesome Instagrammers a follow and tell them I sent you! Have I left anyone out? Leave a comment down below and I will make sure to update this blog post with your suggestions!

  • solosophie

    Thanks for sharing: it’s always interesting to see who other people are following (or maybe it’s just because I’m nosey :P )

  • Elle Kirsten

    Love this collection! All too often these kind of posts feature the same super-famous instagrammers – It’s so refreshing to have a fresh perspective :)

    Feel free to check my IG @thisisyugen,
    Elle Kirsten

  • Aline Araujo

    Great! Mine I am from Brazil and travels the world. Nice photos on my Instagram and invite anybody to follow me: