Wednesday, February 5th 2014
Top 5 tips for visiting Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro


Hello lovely travelers!

I have been getting loads of emails from you guys, asking for advice on your trip to Brazil – Great news, I’ve got plenty of advice to give! Over the next few weeks I will be writing about everything you need to know before your trip, including topics like safety, food and drink, things to see and do, as well as little hints and tips that I picked up along the way ; )

Let’s get started! Today’s blog post is about Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro (otherwise known as my favorite places in the world!). This stunning  beach is a must see, with its soft golden sand, deep blue waves, and buzzing atmosphere. Not interested in spending a whole day there? Why not grab one of the city bikes and go for a ride along side this 4.5 km beach!

Here are the top 5 things you should know about Copacabana before your trip.

1. Swimwear is TINY, but it is 100% required

The majority of Bikini’s in Brazil would look more like a thong to a European. Even my Brazilian Boyfriend laughed at me when I pulled my bikini out from my suitcase! I think his exact words were “But it completely covers your butt?!?”.
However, unlike a lot of European countries, going topless to the beach is not acceptable.

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I couldn’t resist! Arua and the Big Brazilian Butts!

2. How to keep your bags safe

If you are planning on swimming at Copacabana, it is important to think about the safety of your bags. Obviously you should not bring any valuables to the beach but if you are planning on bringing a camera or money etc, you might want to consider renting a locker. Just look out for the stairs that take you down to the bathrooms along side the beach (There is someone there to watch the lockers during the day)

3. People will try to sell you stuff (weird stuff!)

Someone will try to sell you sun cream, someone else will try to sell you sunglasses, then there is the ice cream guy, the beach wrap lady, the guy selling random paintings and of course the guy who will sing to you for bit of cash. If you are not interested, just shake your head and say ‘Obrigado’ (Thank you in portuguese) – but bear in mind that sometimes these people are out in the sun carrying a ridiculous amount of boxes on the shoulders and bags hanging off each arm all day long! If you have a little bit of cash to spare, buy something small and make their day a little easier : ) )

Copacabana, beach, Brazil, Rio de Janiero, Bikini

4. Don’t bother bringing a beach chair

There are plenty of people renting out chairs, tables and umbrellas all along the beach for a good price. This is their job, and generally, they are very good at it! They will serve you for the day, bringing food and drink if you request (for the same price as all the local bars).

5. Weekdays will always be less busy

Again, this might seem obvious, but I can’t recommend it enough! People will travel from all over Brazil to visit Rio on the weekends, especially if they have a holiday on the Friday or Monday. If you can, go during the week!

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    well, we’ll be in Brazil soon but I’m sure I won’t be able to put that tiny a swimsuit on! ;-)

    but, since I like reading you so much (and miss reading more about you!! it’s been a while! I hope you enjoy what you’re doing and having a lot of fun discovering yet another country!), I’ve nominated you to the Liebster Award!
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