Wednesday, May 15th 2013
The Power of a Hug: Meeting the Parents

Meeting the parents is usually a cause for fear in any relationship, but traveling over 5,750 miles to meet the family of your Portuguese speaking boyfriend… A recipe for disaster right? How will we communicate? How will we get to know each other if we don’t even speak the same language? What if they don’t like me?? Yes as you can see, my mind was filled with endless amounts of questions about the day I would finally meet Arua’s parents. Was I nervous? Yes! I was 100% terrified! I imagined so many awkward moments and lots of nervous giggling on my behalf!

I met Arua in Rio for a 10 day holiday before we went back to his home town of Itauna. But I knew that those 10 days were just the final countdown to the day I was so worried about. As we began our decent on the flight to Itauna, I squeezed Arua’s hand nervously. We collected my luggage and walked through the arrivals gate. There they were, two beautiful people smiling back at me. My heart was racing as they ran up to welcome me! I was greeted with Love, Smiles and Flowers! Suddenly I felt at ease, like I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Flowers on arrival!

In situations like this you realize that language isn’t the only way to communicate.You don’t understand the true value of a good hug until you have no other way of communicating. When I first met Arua’s mother Olga, I couldn’t speak a word of Portuguese and she couldn’t speak english either. The two of us desperately wanted to tell each other how excited we were to finally meet, but we had no words to do this. This is when it happened. The moment I realized the importance of a good hug. As soon as I saw Olga she gave me a big tight hug that said more than her words could ever say. Through that one hug, she told me that I was safe, I was welcome and I was loved.. She didn’y need to speak English to tell me that, I could feel it in her embrace. What a beautiful way to say what can’t be said.

I think the most beautiful thing about a hug is its simplicity. Hugs are free and easy, yet they can mean so much. They transfer good energy from one person to the next and comfort us in times of need.


Today I have been in Brazil for 1 month and needless to say we have been hugging since I arrived! :P Thank you Olga for showing me the true power of a hug.

*A huge thank you to two of the most loving and caring people I have ever met –  Olga and Jandui I can’t thank you enough for everything they have done for me. I am so lucky to have such a welcoming family to stay with here in Brazil <3

  • suzie81

    A lovely post. I wish my partner had relatives from a different country. Unfortunately, they’re from Yorkshire where it’s always cold and rainy. They are lovely though!!!

    • jessicaGlynn

      haha I can totally relate – I get to visit his family in Brazil, while he has to visit mine in wet and cold Ireland :P (sorry for the very late reply!) x

  • Dedé Tupinambás

    What a beautiful message!
    Que bonita mensagem!

  • Guanaíra

    So nice! You made me cry Jess! Be sure you are welcome, safe and loved by all of us!

  • Arua

    Oh jess, I’m sure they’ve felt the same way as you did. In that moment I was understanding the power of a hug and I appreciate the way you still trying hard to understand each other!
    You now have a new home in brazil girl ;)
    We’re glad to have you here!!

  • Jandui

    me pegou de surpresa, danadinha!!


    • jessicaGlynn

      haha I hope you liked it! :) See you soon!

  • Paula

    What a lovely description of a hug and how powerful it can be.

    • jessicaGlynn

      why thank you Paula (Random woman who I definitely do not know) :P haha xxx