Friday, June 28th 2013

1372438646557Happy Friday ladies and Gents! :D

I want to spread  a little happiness and positivity this weekend by introducing The 5 Photo Weekend Challenge!

It’s simple really, I will give you 5 different photo topics and you can go off, enjoy your weekend, and snap away! :) The only rule is that the photo must be taken over weekend!

The aim of this challenge is to capture the things that make you happy, and bring positivity to you life.

Here are the 5 photo topics!

  1. Something that makes you smile
  2. Someone you could not live without
  3. Something/someone you are grateful for
  4. Something beautiful
  5. A photo of yourself smiling! *Say Cheese!*

Next step:

Upload them to Instagram and use the hashtag #TheGapYearGuru so that I can see everyones wonderful captures over the weekend!


Upload them to facebook and send them to me at

 (I will upload them to my Facebook Fan Page! : )

Enjoy your weekend folks! Can’t wait to see everyones photos! :D