Thursday, October 10th 2013

You’ve probably read every reason in the book telling you why you should attend the next TBEX. I could tell you it is great for networking, and I could also mention that it is full of fantastic information to get you excited about blogging, but we all know that right?
What if I told you that the reason why you should attend TBEX 2014, is because it is an eye-opening, sensory whirlwind! Let me explain…

Everywhere you go there is always a huge focus on the business side of blogging, and although this element is essential, if you really want to run a successful blog, you have to connect with your audience and yourself, on a much deeper level. Not sure how to do that? I wasn’t either!


One of the most inspiring talks for me at TBEX was the closing speech by Dan & Audrey over at They spoke about tuning into your senses around the world when you are thinking about writing a blog post. They explained it so well that I couldnt understand why I had never thought of this before? So right then and there I decided to do just that! I started to tune into all 5 of my senses and immediately, my experience at TBEX became deeper and more satisfying. My senses were on overload! 

TBEX doesn’t just get your thoughts flowing, it gets your ears listening, it gets your eyes seeing, your fingers feeling, your nose smelling, and of course, your mouth talking! It works every inch of your mind and soul. 
Let your passion run free in a room that is full of people who are just like you – Fun, friendly, active, travel lovers. Soak in the sounds of people sharing their ideas and enthusiasm for travel. Open your eyes to all the possibilities around you, and embrace all of the encouragment and motivation that fills the rooms from wall to wall. Talk about your interests, share your experiences and build friendships with travel bloggers from all over the world.


TBEX isn’t just a conference, it’s an experience. A life changing, Inspiring,CRAZY FUN, experience.

If you are a travel blogger, let your senses lead you to next years TBEX, I promise you, you wont be disappointed!

If you were at TBEX 2013 feel free to leave advice for TBEX newbies in the comments below! : )

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      Hi There! So sorry i’m only getting back to you now, I hope i’m not too late :) Thank you very much for your comment, and of course you can use my thoughts on Tbex :) Hopefully it will be the first of many Tbex’ to come for me! :D