Monday, December 2nd 2013

Hello Everybody!

After a long month of blogging-meltdown, It’s time to pull myself together, get the head down and get the pen writing! (*Thanks to my parents and my love for the encouragement!). To give you all a little update, after I returned from Brazil, I started an internship here in Dublin. It’s my first ever 9-5 job! After the long days I am just too exhausted to even open my laptop (JK LOL, i’m lazy). But that ends here!!

I’ve been having some difficulty with my blog, and to be honest, I just don’t know what I want to write about anymore… I thought that I was just going through some weird phase and it would all come back to me after a while, but its not. Because it’s not a phase, it’s just me, being a great big pain in my own ass!

Last friday, I was driving to work when I found myself smiling. I don’t know wether it was the fact that I love my job, or that it was so close to the weekend, or maybe it was because I was listening to christmas songs for the first time this year – but I was smiling uncontrollably. I thought to myself ‘this is life!’ – even better ‘This is MY life, and I am very happy with it!’. And that is when it hit me. I know what i’m going to write about. I’ve been doing it all along, I just got lost along the way. The Gap Year Guru is a space for me to write about my life, my adventures, my stories, the things that make me the happiest in life as well as the things  that make me the saddest. It is my space to share my thoughts and listen to others. It’s a place to help others and make new friends!

I spend so long worrying about what I should write that I end up not writing anything! (Bloggers, I don’t recommend it!)

So today I am asking, have YOU ever lost your way? Have you ever had to take a step back to ask yourself ‘where am I really going with this?’. If you have, thank baby jesus i’m not alone :P Just kidding! I’d love if you could share some advice in the comments down below :)

For now, i’m just going to keep writing! I have to get back into the habit, and build up my confidence in blogging again. I am also going to try to read more blog posts too! So if you are a blogger, I would love it if you could leave a link to one of your posts in the comments :)

  • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    welcome back! And don’t worry, you’re not alone. I lost my (blogging) way this month actually! I look forward to everything you end up writing about :)

    • jessicaGlynn

      Thank you sweetie! :) Sometimes people make blogging look so easy :P It’s time for me to start working on my time management and organisation skills! Im just about to read your newest blog post :) I definitely want to buck up my game so that I can work with sponsors in the future :) Xx

  • Gina

    No worries. Let yourself off the hook. Whatever you write will be great. I completely understand ~ it is so easy to stop writing and then time kind of flies by {I have done it too} and then your realize how much you enjoy sharing with people on your very own space on the internet.

    • jessicaGlynn

      Thank you Gina :-) Its kind of crazy how fast time flies by! When I was writing this post, I thought to myself, ‘has it really been more than a month since my last post??’ – I definitely need to work on my blog plan :) Thats what I will be focusing on over the next few months.

      Thank you for your kind comment :)

  • LondonKiwiEmma

    That’s fantastic to hear – sometimes you do need that break to refresh don’t you!