Wednesday, June 26th 2013

Word on the street is that somebody in Ireland won 93 Million Euro yesterday?? As in 93,000,000… THAT’S SIX ZEROS PEOPLE!!
Lets all just take a minute to imagine ourselves winning 93 Million Euro shall we? All the things we could buy, the things we could do… the possibilities are endless! *Sighhhh*

When you think about it, if the winner was a lovely person they would split the cash between the 4 Million people in Ireland and we could all have 23.25 Euro to spend on the next Euro Millions Lottery! Nahhh, I don’t see that happening either, so for now I will just keep day dreaming about the wild and wonderful things I would do if I had 93 Million Euro…

I would…

  • Have my own theme song that played every time I entered a room.
  • Buy a pet sloth.
  • For fill my life dream of having a Candy Bath!

Image source: - great travel blog for NewYork!

  • Buy a Horse. Just to say I have a Horse.
  • Then I would make friends with other people who are rich and have horses. old spice new
  • Ride a segway around town like a boss . In fact I will buy my entire possy a segway, so that I can ride around town with an entourage of segway-riders! You know how I do.
  • Buy myself a college degree. Who wants to spend 4 years in college when you can just throw them a Million and skip straight to graduation!
  • Hire someone to drive an ice-cream van that actually sells 99’s for 99c just to take me back to my childhood years. Actually, screw it! FREE 99’S FOR EVERYONE

ice cream van new

  • Wear freakishly enormous fancy hats. Thats what your supposed to do when your rich right?
  • I would want my 93 Million Euro in 100 Euro notes just so that I can do THIS!
  • With thanks to some inspiration from Tumblr, this last one got me very excited to be rich, Rich, RICH! I would pay Morgan Freeman to narrate my life!
"Hey Freeman, tell them about that time I wrestled a shark!!"

“Hey Freeman, tell them about that time I wrestled a shark!!”

So your challenge for today… Complete the sentence:
If I had 93 Million Euro I would.. (Be as creative as you like!)

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  • Candy Bath Tub – (Great travel blog for all things New York!)
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  • Credit to the Photogarphers
  • Phoebe (Short Road To Happy)

    Bahaha nice – love the Obama bills! I’m not sure about the sloth, but I say “Amen” to pretty much everything else! And now for the most important part – Which theme song would you choose?

    • jessicaGlynn

      I would definitely have my own theme song! maybe something along the lines of … ‘She’s a travel loving, always buzzing, Food eater, adventure greeter, Its Jesssss Glynnn ! *Yeahhhhh* (Now imagine that with some kind of awesome tune! ) :P haha what would yours be? :D

  • Clarea Beara

    If I won 93 million i would buy a mansion full of amercrombe models to serve you and I every minute of every day, a endless supply of caramel nibbles an coco pops, and to make our life into a musical! :)

    • jessicaGlynn

      OMG that sounds like Heaven Clarea Beara! :P Lets get rich and famous and stick to this plan?? :P

  • roberta4949

    you know to you and me this is a ginormous amount but it would not fund the gov for a day, hard to believe but true, gov have become bloated monstrasities(esp the usa), and for good reason, the bigger your house the stronger your edge. the more people working for you the more votes you get which translates you always get the majority vote for income tax increases for more taxes on whatever they can conjure up, more regulations and crimes to make money off of, it is like a super mafia or something. power corrupts and power attracts corruptible people, power is just something humans can’t handle, by the way if I had 93 million euros (that is like 100 million us dollars?)I would have my hubby retire, and sit down and evaluate the best way to use the money in the most efficient way to benefit the less fortunant, but not with handouts however, gov do that all the time and the unfortunant class increases and gets worse off in the long run, it would take some planning consulting with professionals who understand the problems of poverty in america and some fianese in figuring out the best way to help others in the long term. I would imagine it would do good to invest in some high end companies that have been around for a long time and use the dividends to deal with the humanitarian efforts I would have in mind, probably would only be able to help people locally, I would also use some of the money to buy lots of valuable land so i could make parks out of it, use some of to continue to make money so Ican have more money to do humanitairan and enviromental benefits. kind of like a cycle the more money you make the more you can help others and yourself. but I would have to deal with sharks and vultures who are trying to find ways to sue me to get my money so I would have to have a lawyer help me devise a plan to protect myself from lawsuits by every gold digging creep out there who is more concerned about padding their own pockets then getting out of the way of people who want to make life better for others not just themselves. I would however use some of my money to benefit myself too, I am not a total altruist I believe you can help yourself and still help others too in anoymonous ways. but since I do not gamble then i could never be in a position to win it anyway, but it is nice to dream aint it?lol

    • jessicaGlynn

      Yes this is very true Roberta! :-) In reality there would be so much to think about and consider if we won that amount of money. I like your idea to invest the money and keep making more to help others.
      Unfortunately it is also true about the gov! It feels like all I ever hear about these days is how much money the Irish gov is spending and giving out, when the truth is we dont have any money in the first place!

      On a lighter note though, If someone gave you 1 million Dollars, and told you that you could only spend it on yourself, what is the wildest thing you would do? :)

      • roberta4949

        buy me some land in nc, near the outer banks and have the biggest badest rose garden you would ever see and have my hubby and I start a business probably cleaning houses and doing some landscaping mow lawns and such. I would have crepe myrtles, and mimosas and small palms and anything that is interesting and grows well in nc. oh yea forgot one more thing i would hire a personal trainer to help me build muscles and exercise routine I can live with that prvents injury everytime I try ot exercise program like weight lifting I injury myself or over do it or don’t do them right that sorta thing. and have someone who is experienced help me with a proper low carb diet that I can actually stick to.

  • sarepa

    Haha buying a pet sloth would be high on my list too.

  • bevchen

    Found you via Ifs, Ands and Butts.

    Free 99s for everyone? Count me in!

    • jessicaGlynn

      Ah delighted to have you here chick! :) haha fingers crossed I win a couple of millions some day! You’ll be first on my list for a 99 ;) :P