Thursday, October 10th 2013
I Feel So Proud to be IRISH! (A Love Letter)

Dear Ireland,

Let me start by saying WOW! I knew you could do it, but I had no idea you could do it so well! I mean have you heard what people are saying about you?!

Alison over at said “Cead Mile Failte (A hundred thousand welcomes) – Not just a slogan, but a way of life” said “I hadn’t gone to TBEX expecting to find anything more than some good Guinness and networking. Instead I found something that felt a lot like home!”

“Ireland has changed me!” –

The Fairytale Traveler said “Ireland is not just the land of the luck, It is the land of warm welcomes, exceptional hospitality and a passion to create an unforgettable experience for its visitors”

“A place is just a destination, a piece of land with a name on it. It’s the people that make a destination perfect, and I loved their attitude and spirit!” –

Ireland, you really pulled out all the stops and showed everyone how truly beautiful you really are! From your stunning landscapes, to your unique culture and amazing atmosphere. Don’t even get me started on the people of Ireland! With their friendly faces, their welcoming smiles, and the general Craic that seems to follow them everywhere they go! The whole country really worked together to make this an unforgettable TBEX experience. Not to mention Dublin! Where do I begin? From the endless supply of Guinness, the unbelievable selection of tours and museums to the extraordinary display of Irish talent. I’ve never seen Dublin more beautiful!

I cant ever begin to tell you how happy it makes me to hear so many travel bloggers talking about you so kindly. They have some great stories to tell back home, and I cant wait to read more about their time here. Who knew such a little country could have such a huge impact on people from all over the world.

 Thank you Ireland. Thank you for everything. I want you to know that I have never felt more proud to be Irish. This experience has reminded me just how incredible this little country is. I am honored to call you my Home <3

Lots of Love, Your Irish Girl

Jess Xx

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  • A

    I’m definitely wishing I could have made TBEX! It sounds wonderful. Sadly i had some reasons to not be traveling then :( but perhaps the next one. I didn’t realize Ireland was not on the map? Although granted I have yet to visit, I would love to see it because of all the people I meet on my travels many of the best of them have been Irish. They have welcomed me wherever I have encountered them. Thanks for the post, have a lot of posts to read now!

  • Rick Calvert

    But how do you really feel Jessica? I am thrilled to see how much you enjoyed the experience. Dublin and Ireland really did an amazing job hosting TBEX this year.