Wednesday, February 11th 2015
Glendalough Photo Diary

Myself and Phoebe popped down to good old Glendalough for some fresh air and vlogging adventures! The two of us have been meeting up a lot lately and exploring the local areas (being a tourist in your own home is always fun!). When we arrived the lake was incredibly still, and it looked as though the water was a mirror image of the beautiful surroundings – Every Photographers dream come true. 
Glendalough, DublinGlendalough, DublinGlendalough, Dublin
I had forgotten how peaceful Glendalough was, but I quickly remembered why it is one of my favourite places to visit. It’s hard to believe that this natural wonderland is just a drive away from Dublin city centre. If you head there in the winter time you might even catch the snowy mountain tops!
Glendalough, DublinGlendalough, DublinGlendalough, DublinGlendalough, DublinGlendalough, DublinGlendalough, DublinIf you are looking to escape from the city for the day, in the mood for a picnic, or even a good hike, Glendalough should be your next stop. Let me know what you guys thought of this quick little Photo Diary, I might just start doing them more often :)

  • fergpip

    Lovely photos! Have been to Glendalough once since arriving in Ireland, and I agree it’s a very special place. Keep up the good work (blog referred on by my boss Mark G)

  • Les Petits Pas de Juls

    What?!? You “might” just start doing the Photo Diary more often!!! You definitely SHOULD! this one is just so lovely, it makes us feel like hopping in our shoes and wander the place with you!! Do that from everywhere you go! ;-)

    And, since we already know so much about what you like to do when you’re out there on the roads, I challenge you to tell us about what you CAN’T do when you travel… If you’re willing to play, answer the challenge I offered you in this post

    Looking forward to reading you..
    Happy Trails and Diary!


  • Suellen Segatto

    Amazing photos!!! Lovely place!!! Plese… You should do more and more!!!