Saturday, June 1st 2013
Eating in Venice

While you are spending your days wandering around the city of Venice, there are so many beautiful things to see that it is easy to lose track of time… Lunch time to be specific!
But not to worry, there is literally a café on every corner, and there will always be a little shop selling sandwiches and drinks just around the next bend.

However, it is very important to be aware of your surroundings when picking somewhere to eat. The closer you get to the tourist areas, the bigger the bill will be!(The same can be said for anywhere in the world – but for some reason, Venice just LOVES to make you spend absurd amounts of money on food!) Thinking of grabbing a bite to eat at Piazza San Marco? HAHA think again my friend! Ah one little beer wont hurt right? Wrong again! That little beer will cost you a whopping 9 – 12 Euro – and you wont even get a smile from the waiter for that! (and don’t forget everyone expects a tip as well!)

Don’t worry too much, eating in Venice isn’t all bad :) Our best find for a romantic dinner was just beside the famous Rialto Bridge. There you will find a sweet little selection of restaurants with many different things to choose from on the menu. Prices are guaranteed to be higher than the surrounding areas, but in our opinion it was so worth it! At the end of the day you are paying for 3 things. The Food – The View – The Experience.  Come on, its not everyday you’re in Venice right? :)
If you are on a budget, make sure you carefully plan your food expenses and maybe consider bringing a packed lunch if spending the day in the city center. You can always find a pizza place away from the tourist areas where you can pick up a pizza for 10-14 Euro (Trust me its delicious and it will keep you full for the day!)

Overall, eating in Venice can be expensive, and the cost of bars and restaurants differs greatly from area to area. Just something to keep in mind when traveling on a budget :-)736532_10152459453760298_1838524493_o

  • aregularcupofjo

    You are so lucky to visit Venice and take in the culture. I hope to save up enough and make it out there sometime. I love the pizza :) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your visit.

    • jessicaGlynn

      Venice is such a magical place! We absolutely loved it! :D so glad you liked the post :)