Tuesday, October 15th 2013


The thought of travel makes you so excited that you put every inch of your mind, body and soul into it! When you arrive at your destination it just blows your mind, & it just keeps getting better and better from there, right?… Emmmm… Not quite!
What happens when it’s all over? When your visa ends and it’s time to go home? You slip right back into your old life of course!… Ummm…. Wrong again :(

Unfortunately, for some it’s not that easy. Moving back home after a long time abroad can be a stressful and emotional experience. It is normal to feel a very strange mixture of happy and sad all at the one time! And although you are safely wrapped up under your blankets in your own bed, for first first time in god knows how long, it’s easy to feel lost, confused and sometimes even a bit lonely. But here are some useful tips to make the transition from long term travel, to home, a little bit easier and stress free!

  1. Keep Busy and Distract Yourself
    Coming home after a long time abroad can leave you feeling emotional & bored (never a good combination!). So make sure that you don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen. No matter how sad you may feel, pull yourself out of that bed and do something fun! (heck it doesn’t even have to be fun, just do SOMETHING!) :P Keep yourself distracted, and you wont even have time to feel emotional!
  2. Set Goals
    This one is really important! You need to have an idea of what you are doing and where you want to get to. Sometimes, coming home after such a long time can leave you feeling lost and confused. So spend some time actively thinking about what your next goal is. Give yourself something to aim towards.
  3. Discover Your Own Culture!
    So your just back from a round the world trip, but have you ever actually discovered the true beauty and culture behind your own home?? Take some time to be a tourist in your city and remind yourself of all the great things about it!  It’s great to get to see the world, but sometimes the most beautiful things are right in front of our eyes!
  4. Surround yourself with Positive People
    It’s completely normal to feel a bit fragile after a big transition like that, so make sure you are surrounded by the people who love you most. There is nothing better than a bear hug from your best friend when you are feeling down (Don’t even try to deny that!) or a caring cuddle with your parents after a long time spent apart – Its important to catch up on some quality time with your family and friends, and they are the people who will support you during this difficult transition : )

    As cliche as it sounds, time heals everything. There will always be exciting times ahead, new people to meet and new places to see : )
    Have you ever been abroad for a long period of time? How did you feel when you came home? Feel free to leave your advice in the comments below for othe travelers!


  • Eugene

    Agreed! I feel like everyone goes through it at some point or another. Don’t forget to keep updating your blog, haha. Cheers

    • jessicaGlynn

      Ok Eugene, ill do it for you! :P where are you in the world at the moment? I saw a kayaking tour in London on one of those discount websites and I thought of you haha