Sunday, November 16th 2014
Christmas in Dublin

Christmas Spirit has taken over Dublin once again with the launch of the Christmas Market! Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get into the festive mood, so Arua and I took a trip into town to tick off the first Christmas tradition on my list – See the lights on Grafton Street. Needless to say we were not disappointed! We turned the corner to find the street filled with Christmas shoppers, smiling faces and of course, the most beautiful Christmas lights dangling above our heads. Christmas in Dublin is a really magical time, and the brand new market at Stephens Green just makes it even better!

We insisted on trying pretty much every type of food they had at the market (It would be rude not too!), from Wok’n’Roll Classic pad Thai chicken noodles, traditional German Bratwurst and insanely scrumptious nutella Crepes, to the slightly odd, but in fact truly delicious Garlic Popcorn (You have gotta give it a try!). The Christmas music was blasting and the atmosphere was enchanting – what more could you want on a Saturday evening in Dublin?

If you are looking for something to get you in the Christmas mood, this is exactly what you are looking for! More than 60 traditional wooden chalets stand along the side of St.Stephen’s Green Park, with a unique selection of quality Irish made gifts, including Christmas decorations, accessories, woodcrafts, toys and art. But probably the best part of all is the delicious food and drinks which include crepes, bratwurst, burgers, pig on a spit, cupcakes, traditional German Gluhwein, Hot Chocolate with rum, as well as other seasonal non-alcoholic drinks. The market is free to the public and opens from 12pm – 8pm. Grab your friends and head down to Stephens Green for some Christmas Festivities!

If you have any photos of the Christmas Market, use the #TheGapYearGuru so that I can check them out! But for now, I hope you enjoy some of the snaps I took on our trip into town :)

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  • Mônica Bezerra

    Que liiiindo!!! **

    • Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

      Obrigada! :D Dublin is very beautiful at Christmas!

  • Mayara Kalmus

    I can’t wait to see it next year *-*

    • Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

      @mayarakalmus:disqus You will love it! are you definitely coming to Dublin next year?

      • Mayara Kalmus

        Yes! Arriving in February, 27. Couting the days *-*

        • Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

          Oh that is super soon! The time will fly by :D

  • Rosana Lis de Carvalho

    It’s so beautiful! I’m super excited to see it all in the next year *.*

    • Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

      @rosanalisdecarvalho:disqus It gets better every year! I know next year will be fantastic :)

  • Ticiane Giacomelli

    Jess….thanks for always sharing a bit of your life with us!
    Dublin is an amazing city and I dream to be back there in the future.
    It’s a pleasure to follow your profile , really really enjoyable adventures!
    I hope you have an spectacular Christmas with your family!

    • Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

      @ticianegiacomelli:disqus thank you so much! It is my pleasure to share these experiences with you :) I hope that I can meet you in Dublin some day!

  • Jess

    Amazing photos! And I looove Christmas! Can’t wait to see it live! I’m heading to Dublin in ten days :)

    • Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

      Thank you so much @disqus_7h4UAJiE2w:disqus :) You are going to fall in love with the city!

  • Leah Mancl

    This looks like so much fun! I love Christmastime, so I would have loved it. :)