Wednesday, June 19th 2013
Brazilian Women – What makes them the ‘Sexiest Women in the World’?

Year after year, Brazilian women continue to top the ‘Sexiest Women’ polls accross the interwebs! Men love them, women want to look like them – but when I landed in Rio de Janeiro, I soon realized theres much more to love about these sexy ladies than just their bangin’ bodies!

Spending some time on Copacabana Beach, you will see women of ALL shapes and sizes. We’ve all heard about the Brazilian Bikinis right?? OH MY GOD, I kid you not, they are even smaller in real life!! but back to the point, Brazilian women, big and small are all rocking these tiny bikinis! It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 years old, or 80 years old, every single girl was walking down that beach as if it was a catwalk for supermodels!

Why? Because they can! Because they are proud of their bodies! Who wouldn’t LOVE to have that kind of confidence in themselves?? Brazilian women are among the sexiest women in world, because they believe in their beauty! My question to you is, why arn’t all women confident in their bodies like this?

However, Brazil is also known as the plastic surgery country of the world – as many people choose to modify their bodies to look even more curvy! – both men and women pay close attention to their physical appearance because of the large focus on physical beauty.


In a conversation with Arua, he told me that many young girls get boob jobs here in Brazil (from the age of 15!!!) – When I asked why, he informed me that ‘girls want to be beautiful, it is important to be beautiful in Brazil.’ I was shocked at how young these girls are and how many people choose to get plastic surgery. And to be honest, it makes me a little sad to think that so many beautiful women feel that they need to ‘enhance’ what is already perfect in my eyes!

I can’t deny the fact that I have always wanted that ‘brazilian booty’ but to me, their beauty isn’t found in their bums or their boobs – it’s in the way they carry themselves. The confidence they have in their own bodies is just incredible!  I have learned a thing or two from Brazilian women, the most important thing – Its not what you look like, Its what you feel like! If you are confident in yourself, you are the most beautiful person in the World.

There is no doubt in my mind that every nationally is as beautiful as the next – From white to black skin, brown eyes, blue eye and everything in between, from short to tall – No two women are the same, and every single woman on this earth is beautiful from head to toe! But there is definitely a lesson to be learned from Brazilian women. Personally it is a very important lesson for me, as I can often let the pressure of physical beauty get on top of me. Living here in Brazil, I am the minority. I am the short haired girl with white skin and blue eyes… Now is the time to embrace my uniqueness :-)

Looking at these beautiful women I realized its not about how curvy you are, how big your butt is etc etc –  the truth is, If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. Embrace yourself, embrace who you are and the many unique traits that belong just to you!

  • Jaqueline Mariz

    As a Brazilian I tell you that, we are like one of a kind in temperament, mood (specially the party mood) etc. Some women just get crazy to look stunning… they think stunning is to bare the big breast and the big A.. however you’ll see all sizes, all colours, many nations mixed in one! But the best part you can get from Brazilian culture is to not get so bad the things.. we are like *tranquilo* or exploding … and is temporary explosion/madness and later we are cool again. What I think is important is to have faith in yourself and let the fun begin! About your uniqueness I say damn yes! you have something all the guys in Brazil appreciate or at least most of the guys, however the language would be an issue :S But yes! your a Gringa! Brazilians loves to meet people from another countries. Talking general about it! i know you have a boyfriend. It’s amazing to see you guys together and the differences between Brazil and Dublin!

  • Tanya McCartney

    They Are beautiful woman.I Know that only too well.