Tuesday, November 25th 2014
Acropolis of Athens

Athens is packed full of incredible history and culture, so it was only natural that one of our first stops was the world famous Acropolis! Overlooking the stunning city of Athens, the Acropolis is even more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Although it is the most popular attraction in Greece today, the Acropolis was once the centre of culture and events during Athens golden age. The word Acropolis means ‘High City’ – standing at 490 feet above sea level, these historical masterpieces have watched over the city of Athens since 447 BC. There are many ancient buildings within the Acropolis, each built at different times and contributing to the history of Athens. The remains of the Parthenon temple, which sits on top of the hill, was dedicated to Athena, the patron Goddess of the ancient city of Athens.  It has a signature style, build with upstanding columns and triangular pediments placed above them. Carved into the stone are two key historical scenes, including Athena’s birth, and her fight with Poseidon, the sea god.

If you are looking for some spectacular views over the city, as well as a look into the world of Ancient Athens, The Acropolis is a must see! One tip I will give is to make sure you are wearing comfy shoes and have a bottle of water with you! It is a short hike to the top, but the hill is quite steep and we couldn’t find anywhere to buy a bottle of water on the way up (They have a small water fountain at the top). The ticket price is 12 Euro (reduced rates for students) but it is well worth it as the ticket is valid for the Acropolis of Athens, Ancient Agora, Archaelogical Museum of Kerameikos, Hadrians Library, the Museum of the Ancient Agora, Olympieio, Roman Agora of Athens and the North and South slope of the Acropolis. There really is so much to see and enjoy at this historical paradise!

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  • http://www.localadventurer.com/ esther julee

    Love the photos! We were just here a couple months ago! Man.. it doesn’t feel like that long ago.. but it’s already been two months.

    • http://www.TheGapYearGuru.com Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

      Thank you so much @estherjulee:disqus :D It is such an amazing place isn’t it?

  • http://www.myfavoriteadventure.com Leah Mancl

    INCREDIBLE. I have wanted to go to Greece for SO LONG and this makes me wanderlust SO HARD. These pictures are incredible.

    Also… your blog is beautiful. NEW FOLLOWER straight from #fireworkpeople. :)

    • http://www.myfavoriteadventure.com Leah Mancl

      ALSO. I am your 100th follower on Bloglovin’. CONGRATS! Mini party goin on right now.

      • http://www.TheGapYearGuru.com Jess (TheGapYearGuru)

        @leahmancl:disqus you are officially my new favourite person! :P Thank you so much! Greece is absolutely spectacular, you will love it :)

  • http://itsjpei.wordpress.com/ Jessica

    Beautiful view and photos!