Sunday, April 13th 2014
Join in the Fun! New Instagram Project :)

Hello Everybody! Its been awhile :-)
I am very excited to tell you all about a new Instagram Project I am working on.  In fact, i’m here to ask you to join in the fun! I’m going to be honest… I am kind of addicted to instagram. I love posting photos, I love looking at everyone elses photos, but most of all I love finding new travel bloggers to follow! So without further ado… I am super excited to introduce you to my new Instagram account!

‘YourTravelPhotos’ is exactly what is says on the tin. My aim is to build a community where travel lovers can connect, interact and find loads of new travel inspiration! I will  repost your best travel pics (along with with instagram name), to encourage others to follow your adventure :-)

I hope you guys will get involved so that everyone can benefit. If you are interested in finding new travel inspiration, I definitely recommend that you follow along! Or maybe you would like me to repost one of your favourite travel photos? Fantastic! That’s what I like to hear! All you have to do is Follow me on Instagram and comment on one of the photos that I have already posted. Then i’ll get in contact with you about sharing one of your photos :-) It couldnt be easier!

I can’t wait to see this travel community grow! Hopefully everyone will find new instagrammers who will not only inspire them, but also help and encourage them to travel the world.

Lets get together, lets support each other, lets grow together :-)  (just thought i’d end this blog post with a super cheesy line!)