Friday, January 4th 2013

Meet Jess Glynn (The Irish Gap Year Guru)

At first you have no idea what has gotten into you… and you laughed at those people who said it was contagious.  It takes total control of your body and soul, filling your mind with endless thoughts and questions that need answering. 

PortoI was 19 when I caught the Travel Bug… and It hit me hard!

I have been so so lucky growing up, visiting many beautiful countries with my family over the years, and the more I see, the more I fall in Love with this wonderful World!

Now that my 20’s have arrived, I cant help but feel like this is the time to explore, to adventure, to run wild! I am ready to go, I am ready to see and I have my camera charged so that I can report back on all of my travels! ;)

Follow me as I discover some of the Worlds most incredible sights, along with the do’s and don’ts of travel! Here you will find out where to stay, where to eat, my most recommended places to visit etc – With plenty of hints and tips for your own Travel Adventures!

Meet Arua Tupinambas (Our Brazilian Gap Year Guru!)

A few years ago I was just a normal guy from Itaúna/MG-Brazil with an incredible desire to  go abroad. I was born imagining how amazing it would be to live in a different country, learn more about their culture and live with the freedom that only five thousand miles away from your parents will give to you.

As I grew up that desire took over, and I decided to live in Ireland for one year studying English and working. 09/03/2012 – the date that changed my life!  Flying over the Atlantic Ocean I felt scared, but I wouldn’t let  that fear  stop me from doing anything! I thought I had some English but when I got there I realized just how poor it really was – but who cares? I was ready to go and that was the most important moment of my life!!!

Living in Ireland was exactly what I was expecting, living on my own, learning so many different things every single day, meeting people from all over the world, making new friends, going out, drinking and learning. I was living the life!

I was there for five months and I was feeling at home already, but I had no interest to stay more than one year.  That was when I met Jess. When I starting to go out with her, she showed me another side of living abroad, I was living the culture, doing things only Irish people do, meeting Irish people  every day, I just fell in love!

That was the first time I had ever felt that way, that was when the passion for traveling around the world grew inside me!


After a couple of  months back in Brazil I finally discovered what I want to do for a living. When Jess started with the blog idea,   I realized just how much  I wanted to pack up my things and travel  the world with her, seeing wonder by wonder. But the more you travel, the more you realized, that’s just the beginning.

Similar to when I first went to Ireland, I feel scared, but I’m ready to go! This time with English, a faithful travel partner, a camera and a notebook to write down everything I see. Nothing will stop me!  I’m on board now and there’s no going back!

Follow us around the world; get a few tips about the best cities to visit, places to eat and drink, and read all about our wonderful travel stories. We are waiting for your company, Get yourself up and  travel the world with us!

  • pearlsandparis

    great post – I too, have the Travel Bug. It’s amazing and now at 27 – I wish I started right out of HS. There’s nothing better than visiting a new city and taking in the culture of somewhere distant. Happy Traveling

    • jessicaGlynn

      Thank you very much! :) I have so much to write about from my recent trips to Edinburgh and Portugal, and I am travelling to Venice this week! I hope you enjoy the following posts :) I am loving reading all your inspirational quotes on your blog and I am getting ideas for how I should paint my nails for Venice ;) <3 Thank you!