Monday, March 7th 2016

Gap Year
Have you been day dreaming about quitting your job or taking a break from college? Do you often think about packing up everything to go on an international adventure? If you have been looking for a sign to make these dreams a reality, then here it is! Here are our top 5 reasons why you should go with your gut and take that gap year you have been dreaming about. What are you waiting for?

1. Taking a Gap Year gives you the time you need to step back and reassess
If you have followed the traditional route and worked your way through school, college and then straight into a career, chances are you have never given your mind the space and time it really needs to think clearly. Working the 9-5 routine can often mean that  life becomes a blur. You spend your entire week waiting for the weekend, and your entire weekend preparing for work once again. It’s time to step away from that daily cycle and start living each day in the moment. Taking time to reassess opens up a world of possibilities and can greatly improve the quality of your personal life as well as your career.

Gap Year

2. It looks awesome on your CV
Contrary to popular belief, taking a gap year is a career builder! Not only does it show off the fact that you confident and courageous, it also acts as a fantastic conversation starter in job interviews.  Do you think the employer will be more interested in that project you worked on in college, or that volunteering programme you did while traveling the world??

Traveling the world gives you a breath of fresh air, time to think and time  to re-charge those creative juices. It can actually increase your chance of employment. You can build international connections, learn another language, gain a fresh perspective – just think of all the possibilities!

3. Think of all the things you could learn! 
“Like what?” I hear you say… Well my friend, it’s finally time to take that course you have been dreaming about for years! Become a ski instructor. Dive into a TEFL course and learn how to teach English around the world. Haven’t you been wanting to learn the language of love? You’ll be speaking fluent French in no time. Become a life guard. A pottery class is right up your alley! Who cares?! Just go and do it! You’ve got all the time in the world now, you can literally do anything!

Gap Year

4. There’s no such thing as being “Too old”  
Gap years aren’t just for the teenage dreamers. Anyone, of any age can benefit from an extended holiday (who doesn’t dream of going on holiday and never returning?)

If you have a few extra years under your belt, chances are you have a few extra coins in the bank too. That means you can travel in style my friend!

gap year

5. Bring back your passion for life (and work) 
Have you ever felt completely unmotivated at work or college? Maybe you are suffering from creative block, or you simply can’t stop day dreaming about bigger better things? Sometimes, there is an ache inside of you that only travel can heal. Taking a gap year can reignite your passion for life. It opens your eyes, it broadens your mind, it transforms the way you think about the world around you.

If you feel like your life is stuck on cruise control, it’s time to press that refresh button and start living the way you truly want to.

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