Sunday, January 20th 2013
Venice at Night: Bacaro Jazz Bar


Stumbling across Bacaro Jazz Bar at about 5 o’clock in the evening and seeing ‘HAPPY HOUR 4 – 6! BUY ONE DRINK GET ONE FREE’..  was exactly what we wanted to see after a long day of doing the tourist thing in Venice! We walked in to find a small little bar with a BIG atmosphere! With the sounds of Miles Davis filling the room, the walls are hidden by art and testimonials from previous customers from all over the world, while the ceiling is completely disguised by Bra’s… most of which are donated by happy customers!

Once we sat down, we realized the tables surrounding us were filling up with people speaking every language you can imagine. Soon after we ordered our beer and Strawberry Margarita (buy one get one free *whoowhoo*) we began to talk to the travelers sitting around us!

What started as ‘sure we’ll pop in for happy hour’ , turned into  ‘oh look at that its 1 o’clock in the morning…’

Serving food from 1pm – 2am, Bacaro Jazz is the latest serving kitchen in Venice – its no wonder it attracts such a diversity of friendly people and travel lovers for you to mingle with and enjoy a fun filled night of food and drink. As there really is nothing to do in Venice at night Bacaro Jazz Bar was easily the best night spent in the city the closes at about 7 o’clock!Located just off Rialto Bridge, this bar is perfect for dodging out of the busy tourist spot. When walking really is the only way to get around, you will be desperate to sit down and relax at the end of the day so why not enjoy a few cocktails during happy hour, while nibbling on some Spanish style tapas.

Meeting some of the most interesting people at Bacaro Bar was one of the highlights of our trip to Venice! From sharing stories with travellers from all over the globe, and having my very first ‘Grenade’ (Similar to a jagerbomb, but worse!!)  with 3 of the most fun loving Americans I have ever met and of course having arm wrestling wars and downing far too many glasses of beer with the Crazy English – definitely made this a night I will never forget!

You go for the Beer, stay for the Dinner and end up spending your entire night with strangers who have somehow become your best friends, drinking unholy amounts of mojitos and shots until you find yourself planning your next drunken night out on ‘St.Pattys day’ in Dublin with your new travel friends…

…When in Venice!

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  • bestjazzclubs

    Do they play live jazz there ?

  • Karina

    Ooh sounds like a good find! Im going to be living in Venice for the summer, ill look out for it :)